About BirksPAK


Exclusive Range with selection of Australian Pharmaceutical highest component content supplement.

Birks Chemists pharmacy pharmacists team works closely with general pratitioner, specialist doctors, nursing homes, paramedical practitioners and hospitals, and provides health checks and risk assessments to help patients (especially chronic diseases) formulate effective drug-assisted treatment plans. Due to nowasday stressful life, environmental pollution and personal health problems in modern society, people with chronic diseases, especially middle-aged and elderly people, are seeking a convenient and effective customized supplementary treatment service for health products.

Birks Chemists pharmacy team of pharmacists and medical experts, based on the different needs of patients, combined with years of clinical experience, develops personal customized supplementary treatment packages for health products for guests, so as to solve each individual's individual health care problems.

Birks Chemists BirksPAK Vision:

At Birks Chemists (since 1861), our vision is to provide the best Australian pharmaceutical care with medical knowledge to our value customers. We pride ourselves on our professional service and will endeavour to fulfil the needs and requests of all customers.

Your health is important to us.