Webster-pak- ‘the safe and easy way’

What is a Webster-pak?

Webster-paks are the safe and easy way to take medication. Essentially, a sophisticated yet simple and sealed pack which separates a patient’s medication(s) by each day of the week and spread out over different times of the day. In simple terms, one ‘pop’ of a foil will provide all the required tablets to be taken in the morning, at lunch, at dinner time or evening on each day of the week. As shown in the picture below, the patient has to simply find the intersection for the day of the week and the time of the day and ‘pop’ out the pills in that square.

Birks Chemists can organise and pack webster-paks for our customers for a small fee of $2.80 a week! Our valued customers will come in either once a week or once a fortnight to collect their new webster-paks.

How do I start my Webster-pak?

It’s simple! Just come into either Birks Chemists Blair Athol or Hope Valley with all your current medications, and current prescriptions and our friendly staff will assist you in setting up a Webster-pak for you or your loved one. Many of our nursing homes currently use the webster-pak method for their patients.